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A Physical Store Only Retailer, Earned £350K+ In 3 Month's During Covid-19, how?

During Covid-19 many businesses faced unprecedented challenges, for many retailers with physical-only stores the demand to find a cost-effective solution to continue to trade under restrictions, grow their customer base and face customer demand is of top priority.

One of our clients advised us of this very problem, our solution - A cost-effective, easy to use and strategy lead e-commerce website combined with powerful targeted digital marketing. Our client utilised the power of consumer knowledge and stock control to start selling previously store only products online. Designed, Built & Managed by Panther Digital, our client's website has taken its business to the next level of selling. Providing the client with £350K+ additional income in a time when other similar industry businesses struggled with telephone and email orders. Creating a bespoke CRM that manages customers, orders, and a redefined customer experience.

The success of this online store will increase sales to new customers previously un-targeted with previous marketing, showing an encouraging transition into a dual approach of offline & online shopping for the consumer.

Have a light bulb moment and contact us today to find out how your business can receive market-leading strategy and marketing.

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