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Why does your Facebook community matter?

The power of Facebook is inevitable with more than a billion users and strong community presence its a great Free resource to promote your business and grow your sales.

The ability to 'get in front' of your customers in a digital space, targeting customers within their social time is powerful. As a business, you need to create an engaging and community-based page. Increasing likes from current customers and potential new customers can encourage new sales, growth, and retention.

76% of customers read Facebook comments and reviews when deciding to contact or use a business's service. Real-life reviews and comments are seen as trust and a 'true' indication of a business.

You can set the tone of voice and values of your business by the way that you interact with your Facebook community setting a precedent of how customers perceive the business. 4 out of 5 Facebook users when messaging a business expect a reply within 24 hours, delayed replies can leave customers feeling undervalued and not important to the business.

The importance of reply, when customers or engagers comment or leave a review you will want to engage to reply if a positive comment a thank you can promote loyalty and a positive message to others. If negative comments or reviews, a reply demonstrating a solution or a timely manner to deal with any negative feedback can incur a positive message.

To find out more about how we can increase your Facebook community, create a positive influence, grow your business and reach new customers. Contact us Today!

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