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How can google search ad’s increase sales on your website?

Marketing budgets are becoming more efficient, customers need to be targeted effectively without high costs of digital marketing. The key is to understand who you target market is and when is the best time to market to them. Google search can be a powerful tool for capturing key search terms to promote an area of your business. This is no more prevalent than seasonal marketing.

79%* of customers actively search online before they purchase a product, comparing, reviewing and gaining a further understanding of products/services. The competition online is popular, and you can spend £1k+ on varying campaigns that don’t meet expectations or target objectives. Any advertisement or marketing should attribute spend to performance.

Our key is to pick a product or service and understand the ROI we are expecting to achieve.

On Average 7%* of a business’s turnover should be used on Marketing. Each campaign’s predicted turnover should attribute 5-7% of marketing budget towards the campaign.

A google search ad timed and budgeted correctly can encourage brand awareness to new customers. Promoting a key area of the business otherwise overlooked or competitive. Content and keywords of the search ads is crucial to ensure success. These key campagins can increase contact, sales and grow your business.

Search Ad's should be well researched and effective key word vs competitors be completed before setting up a campaign.

Case Study - Working with a recent client they saw an 451% growth in online new customer traffic as a result of a google search ad. Increasing awareness, encouraging sales and creating a group of customers to re-market to.

Want to learn how you can use google search ads to promote your business, contact us today!

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