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Why do i need to engage in social media as a small business?

For most SME (small) businesses utilising cost-effective marketing solutions is essential. Social media platforms can create an instant connection and communication line between businesses and consumers.

21%* of consumers will visit businesses social media accounts when considering a purchase. 17%* of consumers considering a service from a business will actively connect via social media platforms, reading reviews, comments, posts, and latest offers.

Consider Facebook as a recommendation in numbers approach. The more followers, positive responses and reviews you have the more likely a consumer feels they can trust you as a business. It's important to identify the tone of voice, imagery and relationship building type you want to portray via social media platforms.

Many businesses post and update social media on an ad hoc basis, the majority of SME’s can take a ‘when I have the resource’ approach to social media. It's important to regularly engage with potential customers and followers. This creates a constant feed of brand awareness and marketing at a personal level direct to consumers.

29%* of consumers consider a lack of posts and attention to social media as unprofessional and can convey an element of disinterest from the business to consumers. It's important to create a social media plan that follows business and marketing objectives to increase your social media presence to engage, cross-sell and create communication with consumers.

Tip - Why not try sharing testimonials, images of current work, promotions and news within your posts.

Contact us today for more information on social media plans for SME businesses.

*Facebook & Adweek 19.

Social media plans

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