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Why is your digital business image important for small-medium sized B2C businesses?

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

At the heart of any small business is the relationship and values it has built its customer base on. Over 66%* of consumers now browse online before visiting a retail store or enquiring about a service.

This means 66% of your potential customer base could be researching your business, products & services before even enquiring or visiting your website. 46%* of consumers are influenced by a business’s website and online presence. A professional, consistent and objective lead presence is the best practice for your business online. Your website, social media accounts & business directory listings should be updated with your latest branding, services, and business information.

25%* of consumers advised that they have chosen to contact or purchase from a competitor when a website, reviews, and branding don’t look professional or are out-dated. Online reviews create trust but also awareness to consumers, it's often a great idea to promote great feedback and respond to less positive feedback. If you have less positive feedback online its important to show a potential new customer that you have effectively managed and actively responded to any negative feedback. This creates a sense of personality and trust to ‘get things right’.

Your website is the face of your business, its important to keep it up to date, with regular backups and security updates to make sure it’s performing at its optimum level. If an outdated SSL certificate warning pops up whilst trying to access your website this creates an instant block to conversion. Making sure all certificates are up to date is an important message of security to your customers.

Focus on what you want your customers want and align with your key objectives to arrange content on the website for a clear customer journey. Social media should be actively engaged, and regular strategic posts should be used to show an active and engaging business. 21% of UK based sole traders used Facebook & Instagram Ads last year to grow an online presence. Facebook & Instagram Ads deliver a personal and direct approach to consumers based on a target set of demographic profiling.

Your face of your business is your online appearance, so let’s work together to makes sure it’s right. Contact us today.

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